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Happiness At Work

How do you create happiness at work as a truck driver?

Here at Mike’s Trucking, we make happiness a priority. We know life can be tough and sometimes unpredictable just like Ohio weather. We go out of our way to spread a little happiness with a big bright yellow smile!

You can find these smiles of happiness in just about every corner of our lot.

Here are a few happy snapshots of places that you can find happiness at work here at Mike’s Trucking.

Hiding in Plain Sight

1. It’s our Happiness Hat Rack!

Look whose peeking out from under one of our hats!
It’s the Happiness Hat Rack!

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Possibility Playground

On July 15, 2019 we had the privilege of hauling compacted stone to the Possibility Playground in Worthington, Ohio.

Our Autism Awareness Truck Is Ready To Go!

In 2013, a group of parents and teachers had a vision of creating an all inclusive playground that would be safe and stimulating for all the students who played there. In May of 2019, that vision finally had all the funding it needed to start construction. And in June they started to remove the asphalt so they could start building the playground.

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Touch A Truck School Event

Touch a Truck event at JA Monroe Elementary School
Touch a Truck event at JA Monroe Elementary School
This year’s Touch a Truck event was a huge success! We love partnering with local elementary schools. This year we visited JA Monroe Elementary School in London, Ohio with our trucks. Each kid received their very own ‘Mike’s Trucking” ball cap and a special bracelet that they were able to take home with them. One of the parents sent us a message that said, “Thanks for going to Monroe! My son hasn’t taken off his hat nor bracelet for days 😂❤️” Continue reading

Aggregate Transportation Company of The Year

Mike’s Trucking was awarded The Aggregate Transportation Company of the year in 2018.

Mike’s Trucking was awarded the Aggregate Transportation Company of The Year in 2018

Here stands Michael H. Culbertson, son of Michael E. Culbertson “Owner” of Mike’s Trucking at the Ohio Aggregate & Industrial Minerals Association Banquet.

It was such an Honor to revive this awarded, But this wouldn’t be possible without Our Employees here at Mike’s Trucking. We want to thank them all of their hard work and dedication. though out the years.

We truly appreciate all of you, thank you!