Unloading Powder Cement On The Job

On the job at Fabcon Precast, our experienced driver, George Wainscott, is unloading powder cement.

Mike’s Trucking Powder Cement Truck on the Job

Today, we are hauling powder cement for Fabcon Precast.

We have been hauling various materials for Fabcon Precast for over 30 years.

Hooking up the hoses to unload the powder cement.

Our driver, George Wainscott is unloading powder cement. Hauling dry cement that requires knowledge about our Bulk Trailers inside and out and also a good knowledge of the material.

Everything checks out ok!

All our drivers are experienced and use caution when dealing with pressurized materials. Unloading the trailer usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

George making sure the cement is safely unloaded.

Mike’s Trucking is always looking for dependable drivers to safely haul a variety of materials around central Ohio.

Stop in and apply today.