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We sell recycled gravel and accept clean old concrete and asphalt.
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Delivery of Sand And Gravel

We can customize delivery solutions tailored to your specific site requirements. Whether it is gravel delivery for a road, railway or large building construction project, we have the team of professionals and top notch equipment to satisfy your needs. Bulk hauling is our specialty and our fleet of flatbed, dump trucks or tankers can fulfill your needs.

As an added benefit Mike’s Trucking maintains a materials stockyard which has an abundant supply for your project requirements, including various grades of sand and gravel, crushed and whole stone.

Aggregates are literally at the foundation of our communities.

Crushed stone, sand and gravel (natural aggregates) are among the most abundant natural resources in the world. Many industries including construction, agriculture, metallurgy and chemical processing companies use these basic raw materials.

Most aggregate is used in road construction and in concrete and asphalt pavements. Aggregates are also integral ingredients in cement and concrete. They are used for buildings, bridges and pre-cast blocks as, well as for drainage bases under roads and sewers.

Aggregates are also used for building driveways, ditch construction, public works, erosion control, embankments, backfill, and landscaping. Our finer grades of crushed stone are in demand as a raw material in bricks, concrete, and asphalt.

Listed below are materials we have on hand, ready to deliver, in our stockyard.


Sand is a natural occurring material that is used for a wide range of applications we often don’t think about. A few examples would include sand used to make roads, maintain golf courses and as paver base.

Mason Sand is often referred to as an all-purpose sand, as it has many different functions and capabilities. Mason sand is a fine graded sand that can be used as a fill material, paver base, beach sand, sandbox material and leveling agent.

Mason sand can be thought of as a finer version of concrete sand. While the rock composition of masonry sand is often similar to concrete sand, its smaller grains make it quite a bit more attractive when used in construction. Mason sand is usually washed as well.

Concrete Sand is coarse sand, washed and screened to a larger grit than Mason Sand. Concrete sand is usually made up of gneiss, trap rock, granite or limestone. Most commonly it is used to mix with cement and hot asphalt. It is also a great for use as a leveling base for patios and above ground pools.


There are many uses for Gravel. It is an important commercial product with many industrial and residential applications. Gravel, as opposed to crushed stone is not man-made. Gravel is typically more round and has a smoother shape than crushed stone. In bulk Gravel tends to be lighter in weight than Crushed Stone and is frequently used for driveways, landscaping and some construction.

#57 Crushed Gravel is 1” and under. It is an aggregate stone which can be made of granite, limestone or trap rock, depending on the quarry where it was manufactured.  It offers a smooth, uniform look to landscaping and construction projects.  Crushed gravel is accessible, abundant and a common natural resource used in agriculture and construction.

#57 Round Gravel is excellent for decoration or drainage. The size of the stone is about the size of a quarter. The color consists of mostly gray, browns and beige’s.

#8 Pea Gravel is a mixture of small river rock particles and comes in sizes from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch, about the size of a pea. Pea gravel has a range of colors from white to shades of red, brown, gray and translucent. Because of its size, shape and color Pea Gravel is used more often for above ground applications. Decorative landscaping and outdoor walkways are prime uses of this stone.

310 Screenings Gravel  ranges in size from 3/8” to a fine powder. It is made from recycled and crushed concrete. It is primarily used as a leveling base under patio blocks, above ground pools and under other foundation materials.


Crushed Stone is distinct from gravel; it’s a man-made product and usually contains a combination of natural stone. Their inherent interlocking property, due to its angular nature, is a key ingredient in road construction. It is also used with a binder for riprap and railroad track ballast.

#4 Limestone is a whitish grey solid stone that has been crushed to a 1 ½” to 2 ½ “. Chrushed stone has edges as o0pposed to gravel , which is rounded. Main uses include Driveways, Roads and Parking Lots.

#8 Limestone  is 1/8″ to 3/8″ in size.1.5 tons per cubic yard. Great for use under decks, for driveways and parking lots It will not compact. It is mostly used for decorative purposes and walkways, as well as one of the raw materials used to produce asphalt.

#57 Limestone is 3/4″ to 1”. It is the most common driveway and parking lot topping. It is also used as a base underneath concrete. 57 Limestone is the preferred grey gravel for driveways and parking areas. It can also be used in general landscaping: walkways, rock mulch, and garden paths.

411 Limestone  is a finely crushed, workable material that can be used as a compactable, leveling base when building paver patios, stone walks , retaining walls and artificial turf. 411 Limestone is typically used for the fine or finish grade when installing a base.

304 Limestone  is 0 to 1 3/4″. Because it is crushed, it is not round, it has corners and edges. Primary uses are road and driveway base under asphalt. It is also used as backfill and under foundations. The jagged edges of crushed limestone bind together when pressed to form a sturdy surface.


Asphalt Grindings are ground up recycled asphalt paving. Uses are generally for new asphalt surfaces; fill in roads, parking lots and driveways. Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) has been shown to be an effective surfacing material for unpaved roads when blended with other aggregate. It can substantially reduce the dust coming off an unsealed road surface.

You can find an Information Summary on Asphalt Grindings here, provided by UC ANR.


Rocks, boulders come in many shapes and sizes and are sold by weight. Generally speaking, stone rocks are used for landscape projects and for use as boundary markers. Stone rocks have many different shades of grey, rust and brown colors. Shapes of stone rocks are also unique as they are naturally formed.

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