304 Limestone

304 Limestone uses

  • Driveway Base
  • Road Base
  • Heavy Equipment Driveway

We also sell recycled gravel and accept clean old concrete and asphalt.

304 Limestone

Materials Information

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Size:  1 1/2” down to dust packing.
Type:  Crushed limestone.
304 Limestone is a whitish-gray stone that is commonly used as a base beneath asphalt.  When compacted it makes a great hard surface for driveways and parking spaces.

Some Uses of 304 Limestone

Gravel Barn Ramp

Limestone 304 has been used to create rear barn door ramps for tractors.  Spreading 2 inches of limestone at a time, wetting, and then compacting it, helps prevent erosion.  The fine dust creates a very hard surface which makes it a good choice for gravel ramps.

Under Decks

Limestone #304 can be used under decks where it is not visible.


304 Limestone is a popular base for driveways and parking lots.

Temporary Sidewalks

Because of it’s versatility and size,  this size of limestone is a popular gravel for temporary sidewalks and pathways.