#57 Crushed Gravel

#57 Crushed Gravel uses

  • Driveway & drainage gravel
  • Landscaping gravel
  • Concrete and asphalt mix.

We also sell recycled gravel and accept clean old concrete and asphalt.

#57 Crushed Gravel

Materials Information

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#57 Crushed Gravel Description

Size:   ¾” stone
Type:  Crushed stone.
#57 Crushed gravel is an aggregate stone which can be made of granite, limestone, trap rock depending on the quarry where it was manufactured.  It offers a smooth, clean look to many landscaping and construction projects.  Crushed gravel is accessible, abundant and a common natural resource used in agriculture and construction.

Some Uses of #57 Crushed Gravel

Base Material for Asphalt Roads And Driveways

This size of crushed stone is a great base material for asphalt roads and driveways because hot mix asphalt is able to sink through the spaces between the rocks.  This makes a firmer, more solid layer of material for transportation.


Perfect in size, this type of crushed gravel provides excellent drainage support for any property.  Consider using crushed gravel of this size is in French drains, septic drainage fields and other drainage applications.


You may also consider using #57 crushed stone to line underground pipes, sewers, and cable lines.