Possibility Playground

On July 15, 2019 we had the privilege of hauling compacted stone to the Possibility Playground in Worthington, Ohio.

Our Autism Awareness Truck Is Ready To Go!

In 2013, a group of parents and teachers had a vision of creating an all inclusive playground that would be safe and stimulating for all the students who played there. In May of 2019, that vision finally had all the funding it needed to start construction. And in June they started to remove the asphalt so they could start building the playground.

When we arrived with our Autism Awareness truck and the compacted stone (for drainage) that was donated by the Olen Corp, the playground was already looking great!

A view of the Possibility Playground behind the truck.

We are proud to support inclusive and strong communities here in central Ohio.

We received a nice ‘Thank You” From the team at the Possibility Playground!

Visit the Possibility Playground Online

On Facebook:

Watch a Facebook Live video taken as we unloaded the compacted stone at the playground here: https://www.facebook.com/mikestrucking84/videos/1094295000780966

The Possibility Playground at Sutter Park Website:

Read about the process and the progress towards creating the Playground at Sutter Park Preschool.

On YouTube:

Watch the promotional video by Sutter Park staff and parents about the need for an accessible outdoor play and learning space for the children in the school and in the community.

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