Happiness At Work

How do you create happiness at work as a truck driver?

Here at Mike’s Trucking, we make happiness a priority. We know life can be tough and sometimes unpredictable just like Ohio weather. We go out of our way to spread a little happiness with a big bright yellow smile!

You can find these smiles of happiness in just about every corner of our lot.

Here are a few happy snapshots of places that you can find happiness at work here at Mike’s Trucking.

Hiding in Plain Sight

1. It’s our Happiness Hat Rack!

Look whose peeking out from under one of our hats!
It’s the Happiness Hat Rack!

Happiness Tagging Along For the Ride

Who knew that a truck could have such a big smile! This one is equipped with a permanent happy face that keeps you wondering, “What’s that truck hauling?!”

2. Happiness enjoys hanging out with our drivers.

Let’s take a closer look!

See you on the flip side!

“Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky!”

From higher ground you can see happiness on top the cab of our “Stock Yard” Truck. This one seems to have come out of a purple haze, gazing up at the sky.

Happiness at work!
3. Happiness on top of our Stock Yard truck!

Flying High With Happiness

4. Can you see it? It’s A Happiness Flag!

We are proud to fly our “Happiness Flag”!

We make a stand for happiness every day! We strive to make work our play and do it with integrity and responsibility while spreading a few smiles in our communities.

See how our impact goes beyond trucking and delivery of materials.

Rocking Happiness At Work

Happiness At Work
5. Our Happy Greeter!


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Happiness depends on one being exactly fitted to the nature of one’s work.

– Alexis Carrel