How We Scale And Load Materials

Here’s a short video of how we scale and load materials at our Stockyard.

Posted by Mike’s Trucking on Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Scaling And Loading Materials In Our Stockyard

Here is a “Freaky Fast” video taken at our stockyard showing how we scale and load materials.

  1. Our empty dump truck circles wide in our stockyard then drives onto the truck scale to get weighed. Our driver safely avoids other trucks in our busy stockyard, paying attention to any foot traffic near the loading scales.
  2. The dump truck backs up to the material pile in the stockyard. Both the loader and the dump truck drivers carefully move into position. They make sure the loader has enough room to maneuver while loading the materials into the dump track.
  3. The loader truck scoops the material from the materials pile and loads the materials into the back of the dump truck. The loader needs enough room to safely return the scoop back to it’s original position.
  4. The dump truck returns to the truck scale for its final weighing. Once the dump truck is loaded and the weight is accurately measured and recorded, it is free to safely haul the material to its final destination.

We always follow safety standards when we scale and load materials at Mike’s Trucking. Driving or loading at the speed seen in the video is not recommended, unless you are delivering our lunch.

View our stockyard materials here.