Bulk Firewood

Bulk Firewood For Sale

  • Fuel for wood burning fireplaces and ovens.
  • Stock up for the winter.
  • Supply your wood pile.

Size:  Many different sizes.

We also sell recycled gravel and accept clean old concrete and asphalt.

Bulk Firewood

    Materials Information

    Not sure how much you need? Use the Materials Calculator as a guide.

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    You can come and pick up bulk firewood for sale at our stockyard or we can deliver it to you.

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    Bulk firewood comes in different sizes.

    Uses of bulk firewood:

    • Wood burning fireplaces – Cozy, charming, and heart warming.  Fireplaces are a traditional way to stay warm in the winter.
    • Wood-burning stove & heating – warm your house or barn with crackling goodness of wood heat.
    • Camp fires – keep the camp fires burning with a stack of bulk firewood.
    • Bonfires – start your bonfire with a stack of bulk firewood and add items to keep it going.
    • Pizza ovens for the perfect pizza – keep your pizza oven burning strong all year long.
    • Smoking and drying meats – our firewood varies in size and type.

    Did you know that burning firewood properly leaves no net carbon contribution to the environment?!

    Bulk Firewood

    Some of the bulk firewood in our Central Ohio stockyard.