Mike’s Trucking

Mike's Trucking - First TruckMichael Culbertson established Mike’s Trucking LTD, an intrastate company in 1984. He began his operation with a single dump truck. To meet customer demands, Mike expanded his fleet. In 1999 Mike became an interstate company and is licensed in 48 states and Canada. Over the years he expanded his fleet and the company owns/operates 40 trucks including a small fleet of Brokers.

Mike attributes his success to multi-tasking, watchful and responsible care of employees, and diversification. Mike has a highly trained and efficient staff of transportation personnel with a wide range of dispatching, marketing, accounting, driving, and human resources skills. His dump trucks range in legal hauling capacity of twelve ton to twenty five ton. Each tractor is equipped to utilize a dump, van, or flat bed trailer.

Mike’s Trucking LTD, takes great pride in its long term relationships with companies.

Mike’s Trucking is a participant in Ohio Workman’s Compensation and maintains adequate insurance. Contained in the fleet is a minority owned and operated trucking company.

Mike's Trucking - Our Fleet